Emma Pelling - illustrator/designer

email: emma@smiling-art.co.uk

MBI baby animal colouring, 2011
Logo design for the Melon group,Swit Swoo Media and website background illustrations.
Stick puppets for ELHQ
myPad Stick & Colour
Make Believe Ideas 2011
My First Phone x2 board books written and illustrated for NPP 2014
myPad Stick & Doodle, MBI
Amazing Puzzle Fun for
Arcturus 2012
private commissions
iPhone case designs
for Arke
Princess Puzzle, illustration for NPP 2013
Dress up doll books for NPP 2013
Black & white baby board
books for NPP 2013
Ice Water Press
Dinosaur colouring book for MBI 2012
Doodle activity Pads for NPP ,2014
Animal cutie colouring book for MBI 2012
ABC doodle activity
cards for NPP 2013
"My First…"
4 books, MBI.
Look, Find & Colour
created by me for
NPP 2012
Gomer Press 2015
Maze, Find & Colour
created by me for
NPP 2013
Reward Charts for NPP 2014
Four Colour, Count and Spot Books for NPP 2015
For Arcturus 2015
Black and White Board Books
NPP 2015
ABC Poster for Gomer Press
to advertise my ABC book...
Gomer Press 2014

Gomer Press 2013
A box set of 6 activity
books for NPP 2015
A box set of 6 maze
books for NPP 2015
Cover designs for North Parade Publishing, 2014
5 spread board book idea, 2015
123 Sali Mali
Magic Painting
Books 2014